About our Musical "Staff"

Introducing Cathy Beaupre' Director

Cathy Beaupre' is a accomplished choral director and vocalist. She has directed the Serendipity Choir since 2011. Cathy is a long time resident of California.

Cathy brings a rich choral history to the Serendipity Choir and has been directing the Valley Chorale in Sunnyvale California for many years.

Introducing Franz Lanzinger Accompanist

Franz Lanzinger joined the Serendipity family in early 2014. He is an experienced pianist and accompanist for instrumental, vocal, choral music and musical theater. Franz is also the accompanist for the Valley Chorale, in Sunnyvale, CA, and Lisa Egert-Smith, soprano.

Franz has performed in hundreds of concerts at various venues in Northern California and South Bend, Indiana. He has also worked as a rehearsal pianist for Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, and the Drowsy Chaperone and stage pianist for Little Shop of Horrors, Broadway Magic, The Last Five Years and How to Eat like a Child.