Welcome to the
Serendipity Choir Website

The Serendipity Choir is an outreach ministry celebrating life through music and song. We have been providing musical inspiration all over the San Francisco and South Bay areas to many churches and retirement communities. We perform spring & holiday concerts singing from the heart from the love we feel for God, ourselves, each other, and all life.

While we are always welcome new members to join our choir family we, like many organizations, are deaIing with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions mandating new protocols for group gatherings (especially churches). The most recent one just imposed is "NO SINGING!" Oh my!

In the meantime, our Serendipity Choir members are meeting online, sharing stories of our past and present experiences singing in the safety of our own homes. We are maintaining the cohesiveness and integrity of our choir family until we once again have the opportunity and privilege of sharing the love we feel sharing music with our community. We are actively working as spiritually conscious individuals to create a future of kindness and love, through music, as in the new Barry Manilow song "When the Good Times Come Again." We're ready! Blessings to All!!

Picture taken at our Spring Concert June 2018

Please come hear us sing twice a month on Sundays at
religious services throughout the Bay Area.

See the performance schedule to the right